GenF20 Plus Vs. HGH Factor- Which HGH Releaser Is Worth Your Penny & Why

(Last Updated On: March 3, 2014)

There is much buzz surrounding “Human Growth Hormone” all around these days. Long known for its function in human development and growth, HGH or human growth hormone has now begun to be known for its anti aging and regenerative powers. New research says that proper of HGH helps in weight loss, libido enhancement, memory improvement and wrinkles reduction. But is this hype actually true? Let’s find out.

GenF20 Plus vs. HGH Factor- a comparisonGenF20 Plus vs HGH Factor

As HGH provides so many benefits, a large number of supplements are now available in the markets. HGH Factor and GenF20 Plus are the two most used and demanded HGH supplements. Here, we will compare GenF20 Plus vs. HGH Factor to find which one out of the two is the better option to pick and why.

When comparing GenF20 Plus with HGH factor, the very first point of difference lies in the fact that the former is more herbal blend than the latter. Then, moving forward to other differences, it is seen that unlike HGH Factor which works with cells, GenF20 Plus influences pituitary gland and its motive is to trigger the gland to produce more of its own growth hormone. All this in turn leads to weight loss, better metabolism, high energy levels and younger looks.

HGH Factor or GenF20 Plus? Why HGH Factor should not be chosen?

Comparing HGH Factor vs. GenF20 Plus, HGH Factor is made in such a manner that it can work with cell membranes and amino acids to help the replacement of cells thereby delaying the overall aging process. Due to this, the HGH supplement is popular for holding back the hands of time while ensuring great health. This is the reason why a number of people use HGH Factor.

On the downside, you even need to know that HGH Factor takes many months to actually show the results or effectiveness. The users are required to take the releaser for a minimum of 3 months or so to start noticing the changes. HGH Factor also offers a number of ill effects on the body like headache, body ache, low blood pressure and abdominal pains.

However these side effects are just common among all those who take the releaser. So, it can be said that out of the two HGH supplements mentioned here, HGH Factor is not that effective as GenF20 Plus and is somewhat infamous. But that cannot be the conclusion till the time we do not review GenF20 Plus and compare it with HGH Factor. Now let’s have a quick look at what GenF20 Plus is all about and if it is better than HGH factor or not.

GenF20 Plus- the natural HGH releaser

GenF20 Plus can be said as a better option among the two. Not just the positive benefits and results of GenF20 Plus become visible very soon, even the side effects of this supplements are not as severe as those of HGH Factor. Another benefit is that the supplement comes in both oral pills and spray form that makes it more effective for the users.

The product is also available in various packages so that the customers can choose the best deals as per their budget and needs. Even the health benefits enjoyed with GenF20 Plus are more varied when we compare them with the benefits enjoyed with HGH Factor. Moving on, GenF20 Plus is a product that has been liked and admired by a large amount of customers from all across the globe and have shared positive reviews about the same.


So, when choosing between GenF20 Plus vs. HGH Factor, we would say that it would be better if you choose GenF20 Plus for the obvious reasons of it being the #1 HGH releaser so far.