HGH Drugs Experimentation Doubled Among American Teens- Survey Reports

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2014)

In the recent, HGH supplements made in news over the brawl of NPLA and Testing committee but this time there is different reason.

A large scale nationwide survey revealed that use and experimentation with HGH drugs among American teens has doubled in past year. According to the survey which interviewed 3,705 school students it was found that there is 5% increase in the use of HGH by students. Almost 11% of the interviewed students admitted of using these drugs for better athletic performance and looks.

Survey also revealed that the use of Steroids by teenagers has increased from 5 to 7% over the last four years. hgh-usa-teensAccording to CEO of U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, Travis Tygart these stats is not surprising but alarming which he accounts to the online promotion of these drugs.

According to Tygart, “It’s what you get when you combine aggressive promotion from for-profit companies with a vulnerable target — kids who want a quick fix and don’t care about health risk.

It’s a very easy sell, unfortunately.”

Of total 9% girls and 12 % boys admitted of using synthetic HGH. In the report it was mentioned, “A picture emerges of teens — both boys and girls — entering a largely unregulated marketplace (online and in-store) in which performance-enhancing substances of many varieties are aggressively promoted with promises of improved muscle mass, performance and appearance.” It also said, “This is an area of apparently growing interest and potential danger to teens that cries out for stricter controls on manufacture and marketing.”

The price of the used HGH is also a concern as it is cheap as compared to authentic high costing HGH which points use of fake products by some teens. “It’s very difficult to know what exactly is in the substances teens are consuming, or what the short and long-term impact on their health may be,” mentioned the survey.

Speaking on the motive of present day youthful dopers, Steve Pasierb, President, Partnership for Drug-Free Kids said, “This is about how you feel, how you look”.

“They’re doing this thing to get ahead. … Girls want to be thin and toned. For a lot of boys, it’s about their six-pack.”

Parents need to talk to their kids about the harmful effects and potential dangers of using HGH. Pasierb points, “It’s not about illegality, or whether you’re a good parent or bad parent,” he said. “It’s a health issue. These substances literally alter your body.”

The stats are alarming and there is strong need to control the outburst of teens towards using synthetic HGH.