What Are HGH Shots? Are They Useful?

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2014)

HGH or Human Growth Hormone whatever you call them, they are just one of the most used body building supplements which are in heavy demand nowadays. Making use of HGH supplements there can be many benefits apart from just muscle building. That is why there has been a drastic increase in the number of manufacturers who are offering these products. The supplements markets are flooded with all kinds of HGH products. HGH injections/shots, oral pills, sprays and creams are the basic products which you will find in the markets. Many of you may be aware about HGH shots as they are comparatively the most used HGH supplements. Here in this discussion we are going to tell you in detail about HGH shots and their pros and cons.

HGH Shots- What are they?HGH Shots

HGH shots are synthetic formulations which are made from amino acids and GABA compounds. These supplements are serious formulations and much more potential than any other formulation. Making use of the HGH shots there can be many benefits ranging from body building to anti aging. In the recent years there has been a drastic increase in the number of products offered in the markets. However not all HGH shots offered are reliable ones. You need to make sure that the product you use is suitable for your needs and you do not get any side effects making use of it.

The Pros of HGH shots

HGH shots are highly effective and efficient supplements which have many benefits for the users. Making use of the HGH shots you get:

  • Muscle build up with lean mass
  • Stronger and denser bones
  • HGH therapy helps in dealing with many diseases like Turner’s syndrome and Prader- Willi syndrome
  • Anti aging benefits
  • Skin tone improves and wrinkles disappear
  • Body energy is boosted
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol levels get improved
  • Cardiac output of the body is benefited
  • Sexual performance of the body improves

These are some of the major benefits of making use of HGH shots.

However keep in mind that such shots are also the ones which have the most number of side effects as they are injected directly in the bloodstream. HGH oral pills and sprays have no such side effects and are much safer but HGH shots if not taken with utmost care can land you into serious mess.

The Cons

The side effects of HGH shots are pretty bothering. You can have many lifelong side effects, major side effects including:

  • Heart enlargement problems
  • Liver damage concerns
  • Overgrowth of muscles and bones leading to Carpal Tunnel syndrome
  • Excess water retention causing swelling in organs or Edema
  • Increased blood pressure or hypertension
  • Disturbed hormone levels in the body  

These are not only the concerns, but use of needles to use HGH shots again and again itself raises many concerns.

You need to be very specific about using HGH shots, use them only when they are the only option left. Also report any unusual change in your body immediately to doctors. Always remember that it is better to opt for safe and natural HGH supplements instead of going with the HGH injections and shots as they harm in the long run.