(Last Updated On: October 2, 2014)

Muscle wasting which is also called Cachexia is a problem associated with advanced progression of HIV. This condition can result from a number of conditions like poor diet, loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhoea and oral issues. The use of antiretroviral therapies is now helpful in decreasing such symptoms. The problem of AIDS wasting can even be affected to some extent by the level of HGH in the body but proper diagnosis of the patients should be done to understand the real cause of the problem.

In the diagnosis if the actual cause of the problem is found to be HGH deficiency then physicians can make use of safe and natural HGH supplements for the treatment of patients’ problems. Early intervention techniques like exercising, appetite stimulants, proper diet and medication can yield positive results for patients.

The AdministrationAids

Presently the use of HGH injections is made for treatment of cachexia. To mimic the natural HGH production cycle in patient’s body these injections are given at bedtime. The dosage can vary from 4-6 mg based on the weight of patients and the condition of the disease. HGH use primarily leads to increase in body weight however if resistance exercise is not being practised then there will be only fat gain instead of lean muscle mass.

Therefore for the patients, use of HGH supplements can be made to deal with muscle wasting problems but only with proper administration and medical advice.


Lipodystrophy is another major problem which is associated with HIV/AIDS that leads to abnormal distribution of fat in body. There can be more accumulation of fat in abdomen and upper back while wasting takes place in limbs, face and buttocks. This condition is also affected by the use of anti-HIV drugs and choice of lifestyle as well as genetic factors.

In a medical study on patients with HIV with abnormal waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio who were given:

  • 4 mg of HGH daily
  • 4 mg HGH every other day
  • Placebo for 12 weeks

This study was conducted to study the reduction of VAT or visceral adipose tissue which is the actual abdomen fat in patients. Following test was conducted after the study:

  • Levels of non-HDL cholesterol
  • Lean body mass
  • Insulin resistance
  • Self assessed quality of life
  • Body image

The result found out that for significant VAT reduction, 4 mg of daily HGH is best while alternate day’s use of HGH can keep VAT from returning. However, when the intake of HGH is completely ceased, fat returned. There is currently no approval from FDA for the use of HGH in conditions of Lipodystrophy but it was found out clearly in the study that HGH plays a significant role in decreasing body fat and development of lean muscle mass.

These results are helpful for doctors to deal with muscle wasting side effects of HIV and AIDS. With proper diagnosis and use, HGH patients can be benefited in the long run. Always remember that you take safe and natural HGH products only in order to enjoy the benefits that HGH has in store for you.