HGH And Cell Regeneration -What’s the Connection?

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2014)

HGH supplements are very beneficial for bodybuilding and anti aging. Now HGH therapy is one of the most prescribed medications for dealing with growth and age related problems. Celebrities are even making use of HGH therapy to defy nature’s aging process. Well, we all know that there are many anti aging benefits from the use of HGH supplements. However, very few of us know how these supplements actually lead to these benefits.

The effect of HGH on cell regeneration in the body is known to cause all the benefits. Here in this discussion we are going to provide you details on how HGH supplements help with cell regeneration.

Cell Reproduction

The human body takes its shape based on cell reproduction of the body. The hierarchy followed by our evolution is as follows:

Cells > Tissues > Organs > Organ System > Organism

It all begins with the production of cells and then goes on to create its use. HGH plays a vital role in regeneration of cells in our body. Pituitary gland which is responsible for production of natural growth hormones controls the process of cell regeneration. HGH stimulates the muscles and tissues to produce more cells for their growth and development.

With aging however pituitary cells become dormant which leads to deficient cell reproduction thereby causing many kinds of health problems. This can lead to many health problems in the long run. Major side effects of poor cell regeneration lead to:HGH And Cell Regeneration

  • Muscle loss
  • Body fat increase
  • Over aging of the skin
  • Reduced recovery strength
  • Lack of stamina and strength
  • Impact on the growth of internal organs

All these side effects can be easily dealt with proper use of safe and reliable HGH supplements.

For cell regeneration the dosage of HGH supplement is very important. It should be administered properly which can help with improved cell generation.

According to Dr. Lawrence Dornan, Member, American Academy of Anti-Aging, “Growth hormone stops the aging process in the body and reverses many of the problems that are caused by aging such as wrinkling skin, increased body fat, decreased muscle mass, increased cholesterol, decreased stamina and energy, and decreased mental function.” This signifies the impact of HGH on cell regeneration of the body and its overall development.

Appropriate and effective dosage of HGH can only be advised by experts. You should make it a point to take advice from medical professionals to administer the dosage. However commonly the dosage which is advised is:

  • For anti aging- 2 to 3 IU’s per day (1.5 to 2.0 IU’s in case of elders)
  • For Muscle building- 4 to 8 IU’s per day
  • For other benefits- 2 to 3 IU’s per day

This dosage can vary a lot based on age, lifestyle and medical condition of the users. With proper administration and regular use of the safe HGH supplements, cell regeneration can be enjoyed with much ease. So, try the best HGH releasers out there and say hello to good and fit health.