How To Boost Testosterone Naturally- Know The Natural Ways Here

(Last Updated On: December 24, 2013)

Testosterone hormone plays a very crucial role as far as men’s health is concerned. It helps to maintain the muscle mass, sex drive and bone density. For men, the production of testosterone is at its peak during early adulthood time and reduces a bit every year. So, what’s it that lets you know that you have got low levels of testosterone?

Know if you have got low testosterone level

Low levels of testosterone may lead to decreased sex drive, fragile bones, erectile dysfunction and other health problems. Having low level of this hormone may even indicate some medical condition. In case you suspect that your testosterone level is low, it is important to see the doctor immediately. You just need to undergo a blood test and in case the level of testosterone falls in normal range, some lifestyle changes may be required to reenergize your body and overall health.

Here are a few ways through which you can boost testosterone level naturally. Have a look at these natural ways and adopt them to have an increase in your testosterone the healthy way.

Intake of Vitamin D

Vitamin D serves as a natural steroid which is important for semen, testosterone and sperm maintenance. Ensure that you get out in the sun every day to get Vitamin D directly from the sunlight. You can even take the Vitamin supplements after consulting your doctor.

Intake of Zinc

Mineral zinc is important for the production of testosterone as well and thus supplementing the diet for about 6 weeks or so can offer marked improvement in raising testosterone level. Research has also proved that restricting the intake of zinc results in significant reduction of testosterone.

Your diet serves as the best means of zinc along with the protein rich food items such as fish and meat. Other dietary zinc sources include beans, yogurt, raw cheese and raw milk. So, you can make sure that your diet has sufficient amount of zinc in it in order to increase the level of testosterone in your body.increase-testosterone-naturally

Losing weight helps

It is common that the overweight men with pre-diabetes have low levels of testosterone. Studies have shown that weight loss in men with pre-diabetes helps to improve the testosterone level. But that doesn’t mean that you need to follow a crash diet. So, the best way to get and maintain healthy weight is by following a sensible, balanced diet with regular exercising schedule.

Lower down your stress levels

Stress reaction produces cortisol, which is a hormone that helps to control fight response. Also, thus hormone blocks the testosterone. Thus, it is good to reduce stress in order to reduce your overall cortisol and increase testosterone levels.

Get adequate sleep

It is crucial to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. Getting proper sleep has strong relation with optimal levels of testosterone and needs to be high on priority list if you are really serious about correcting it.

Healthy fats should be taken

Last but not least, the body should have saturated as well as unsaturated fats in order to have healthy testosterone level. Studies reveal that diets that are low in fat lead to lower levels of testosterone. Some examples of these healthy fats include coconut oil, olive oil, olive, coconut, avocados, egg yolks and raw nuts.

So, with all these tips and suggestions, you can increase testosterone naturally and that too without much hassle.