HGH Myth Vs. Facts- Top 6 Myths About HGH Unfolded

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2018)

HGH or human growth hormone is the enzyme produced in our body naturally. It occurs due to stimulation of the pituitary gland that activates the GHR to secrete this hormone. As the normal process, HGH is secreted in the body and is discharged continuously till the body gains full growth. But after this, the volume of HGH gets reduced and this offers a serious impact on the body functions as well as on the brain. And when this happens, the body starts feeling tired and has low energy. Reduced energy is the first sign of aging. It is indeed a myth that the brain secretes normal levels of HGH at all times. But the fact is that it secretes the hormone only till puberty and not beyond that.


Myth 1

HGH causes fast weight loss


There are no studies that confirm the use of HGH for rapid weight loss. Though it is true that some studies noticed an increase in lean muscle mass and reduction of fat, it is still not very sure whether HGH alone offers weight loss results or not.

But the fact is that HGH helps to improve your metabolism, prevent your body from storing excessive fat, breaks down the fat cells as well as converts them into energy.

Myth 2

HGH can extend your lifespan


Just by taking HGH supplement will not give you any longevity of life. If you have poor lifestyle, HGH alone will not help you in any way. Taking HGH supplements while living a healthy and active life will give you more healthy years.

Myth 3

HGH increases your muscle mass


While many studies have shown that HGH increase lean body mass, it has also been determined that these increases are actually the result of high connective tissue as well as fluid retention and not actual muscle tissue.

Myth 4

HGH is FDA approved


The fact is yes and no both. While HGH prescribed by the doctors is FDA approved, HGH that is used as performance enhancers is not. So, it is important to choose your HGH source very wisely and do thorough research so that you can be sure that the HGH releaser you use is safe and natural. Always go for the brands that are FDA approved. Many brands have little beneficial ingredients and so you should check the ingredients before making a choice.

Myth 5

HGH can improve your strength and power


HGH usually comes after anabolic steroids as far as stigma is attached to drugs used in sports. The fact is that HGH is not technically the performance enhancing thing. While many studies have shown that HGH reduces fat mass, there is still no solid proof that it increases muscle strength as well.

Myth 6

HGH is illegal


Just because it is banned in professional sports doesn’t mean that it is illegal. Indeed, our body produces it naturally. And there are even the 100% natural and safe HGH supplements in the market that are legal to buy and use. You can read more about if HGH is legal or not in our detailed post here.

So, these are just a few myths and facts about HGH that you all must know. Always choose the HGH supplement that promises money back guarantee. This is because unless a manufacturer is sure about the results, they will not promise returning your money. Also, remember that you consult the doctor before starting to use any HGH supplement.