Human Growth Hormone For Men- Know The Basics Here: Why Men Need HGH And What Are The Best HGH Supplements For Men

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2017)

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is produced naturally in the pituitary gland and plays a very important role in cell development, regeneration and maintaining human tissues like that of the brain and other organs. Once it is secreted, HGH then remains active in the body for some time, allowing enough time to the liver to actually convert it into the growth factors such as IGF-1 that has growth promoting traits on each cell in the body.

Well, we can say that the study of HGH is more than 100 years old and the very first synthetic HGH was developed in 1980s and was approved by FDA for some specific uses only. But it is also important to note that a lot of people experience HGH deficiency. Symptoms and causes of HGH deficiency vary with age. Some common symptoms of HGH deficiency in children include increased amount of fat around the face and stomach, facial features appearing younger than other children of the same age, delayed hair growth, delayed puberty and prominent forehead. On the other hand, the adults may face a combination of symptoms like hair loss, memory loss, depression, sexual dysfunction, dry skin, fatigue, reduced muscle mass and strength, lack of concentration, risk of cardiovascular disease, reduced bone density, more weight, temperature sensitivities etc.

HGH is for men as well… Yes, you read it right!

It was believed that HGH benefits the womenfolk more. But this is just another myth. Men enjoy equal benefits of human growth hormone. Men are most likely to see the first signs of aging when they cross the 35 years mark and face weakness, memory loss, baldness and loss of libido. HGH has a positive impact on the men as it provides them the much needed physical ability to perform during workouts, trainings and sports activities. Men who are treated with HGH face fat reduction, tightening of the skin, healthier and thicker hair and corrected or improved erectile dysfunction.

Why HGH for men?Why HGH for Men

HGH Benefits you should know

HGH Benfits

Better muscle strength

HGH has been known to enhance physical strength of people through stimulating the collagen synthesis in skeletal muscle and tendons, thereby increasing overall muscle strength and improving workout performance.

According to a study in International Journal of Endocrinology, 14 men at age of 50-70 years were divided in two groups. 7 people were administered HGH therapy with 7 placebo subjects and were then re-evaluated after a period of 6 months. It was noted that after 6 months, there was considerable increase in leg press responsiveness muscles in the subjects who were on HGH therapy. The study thus concluded that there was an increase in muscle strength in lower portion of the body in men after they were given the HGH treatment. And in case of HGH deficient men, participants that were administered long time HGH treatment faced normalization of the muscle strength, better exercise capacity and enhanced thermoregulation.

Improved bones

 The pituitary gland is responsible for stimulating the production of growth hormone and is also important for regulating bone development especially during the phase of puberty. HGH further stimulates production of IGF-1 that is released in the bloodstream and produced in liver. With advance in age, the level of HGH reduces and may serve to be a cause for older people not being able to replace or form bones fast. The combination of growth hormone and IGF-1 stimulates bone absorbing and bone forming cells, thus leading to better bone mass.

 Erectile dysfunction

It has been seen in the recent studies that HGH is mainly responsible for reproductive function as well as sexual maturation of en while HGH deficiency is linked with loss of sexual performance and erection. A German study was conducted on 35 adult men and 45 people with erectile dysfunction were also exposed to visual and tactile stimuli to elicit penile tumescence. It was observed that the increase in HGH was greater than about 90 percent during the developing penile tumescence which was then followed by transient reduction afterwards. This thus suggests that the erection can be induced by HGH through stimulating function on the human corpus cavernosum muscle, thus making it a natural remedy to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction and even impotence.

Weight loss

Obese people have very restricted response to GH stimuli production and after reduction in weight, the HGH responsiveness can be either partial or complete. In a way, GH accelerates the lipolysis process i.e. the breakdown of lipids which involve hydrolysis of the triglycerdies into fatty acids and glycerol.

Dietary limitation and HGH therapy effects on lipolytic and anabolic functions and changes in HGH secretion were duly examined in a study that was published in the Hormone Research. In that study, 24 obese people were on hypocaloric diet and were treated with HGH or placebo in double blinded 12 weeks study. And as a result, HGH therapy caused 1.6 times increase in overall weight loss with biggest lost being of the visceral fat. On the other hand, people in the placebo group lost lean body mass while the same was gained in HGH group. Thus this suggests that in the obese people who consume caloric restriction diet, HGH accelerates loss of fat and helps in secretion of natural HGH. So, it can be derived that HGH can serve therapeutic function when it comes to helping the obese people to lose unwanted weight.

Enhanced lean body mass

Studies reveal that HGH and HGH with exercise increase the lean body mass by about 5lbs over a period of 26 weeks or so. HGH with exercise is surely better than HGH therapy alone as it helps to increase the muscle mass more. The changes in lean body mass that are brought by the HGH treatment don’t produce any increases in physical or muscle strength functioning.

Elevated mood and better cognitive function

When HGH treatment is administered, the overall quality of life and wellbeing are restored. A study in Lithuania investigated changes in the mood, concentration and cognitive abilities after 6 months of HGH treatment. 18 patients with HGH deficiency were studied and the therapy was administered in 12 IU per week. The result of the study was that the mood and cognitive function increased considerably after 6 months of the HGH treatment. This study further suggests that using HGH can be a great option to improve and enhance the mood and cognitive abilities in adults that are HGH deficient.

Popular ways to increase HGH


It is seen in many studies that exercise induced HGH treatment increases growth hormone secretion. Studies suggest that exercise induced HGH along with exercise with intensity, frequency, duration and load are the main factors that regulate secretion of natural growth hormone in the body. Exercise intensity above the lactate and for at least 10 minutes helps in eliciting stimulus to secrete the HGH. Even the HIIT workouts are really useful when it comes to promoting overall wellbeing, positive training while at the same time stimulating natural HGH in the body.

L Glutamine and L Arginine

Supplementing with L glutamine and arginine are amazing. L glutamine is popular for enhancing the exercise performance, increasing glycogen storage and maintaining acid base balance in the muscles. According to a study, 30 non athlete, healthy men were divided into glutamine and placebo groups and were put through 8 week resistance training session. Both the groups were asked to perform same weight training schedule thrice a week for a total of 8 weeks. It was seen that both groups increased their level of performance but glutamine group participants showed better increase in the upper and lower body strength, amazing muscle power, IGF-1, blood testosterone and HGH when compared with the placebo group of people.

Moving ahead, a lot of studies have also shown that when using L arginine, it alone can increase resting HGH levels by about 100 percent while exercising can increase HGH level by 300-500 percent. Thus, the usage of HGH and research confirming its performance improving and anti aging properties has considerably increased over the years.

Best HGH supplements for Men

Apart from the above mentioned ways, natural HGH supplements are also helpful when it comes to triggering the secretion of growth hormone in the body without taking resort to any unnatural ways. There are a lot of safe and natural HGH supplements for men in the market that claim to provide amazing benefits to males. You should check with your doctor, read reviews, take references etc to find the best HGH supplement for men. After careful research and investigation, you can start using a reputed and trusted HGH supplement along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle to reap the best benefits. These supplements have natural ingredients like essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals etc that make them safe and effective.

Before plunging into knowing the top HGH supplements for men, let’s first take a look at the symptoms of HGH deficiency that many people face.

Symptoms of Human Growth Hormone deficiency

  • Men face considerable reduction in sexual desire and drive
  • Significant decrease in muscle strength and mass
  • Fastening of the heartbeat and pulse rate
  • Impotency and erectile dysfunction
  • Men become emotionally sensitive and unstable
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • It becomes harder for men to concentrate, attention gets weakened
  • Decrease in bone density

So, these are a few symptoms that men face when they have HGH deficiency.

What are the benefits of HGH for men particularly?

This is the most frequently asked question as to what are the actual benefits that men enjoy by taking HGH supplements and therapy. Well, there are a lot of benefits that the males can experience, just like their women counterparts.

  1. Men that are treated with HGH therapy face instant decrease in fat and also, their organism reacts through increasing the muscle mass.
  2. There is doubling up of cardiac output and because of this, livelihood and vitality is reinstated to a great level.
  3. The skin gets tightened and you see fine lines and wrinkles fading away with time.
  4. The best part is that the libido is increased along with the capacity to perform brilliantly sexually which is generally lost after 40 due to low testosterone level in men.
  5. Vision is improved considerably and the wounds heal faster than normal.
  6. The immune system goes through a lot of improvement and overall metabolism is enhanced.
  7. Hair starts to re-grow and becomes thicker and healthier as well.

Well, this is just the start of a very long list of the benefits that HGH provides to men. Its benefits go on and on and this discussion would not be enough to list the advantages that men can experience by taking HGH. At the same time, it is crucial to note that HGH can actually get back health and beauty into one’s life without any health hazards or side effects.

Now as you must have got a clear idea about what is HGH and how it helps men regain their strength and wellbeing, it is now time that we focus on the top HGH supplements for men that are worth giving a try.

#1 GenF20 PlusGenF20 Plus Box

With all safe and amazing ingredients and with an easy delivery system of tablets and oral spray, GenF20 Plus is the #1 HGH supplement for men. Anti aging, better muscle mass, improved strength, better sexual life and many others are the benefits of increased HGH level through GenF0 Plus.

Available with the whooping money back guarantee, you can be certain of using a risk free product. The money back guarantee helps you to use the supplement risk free and return it in case you are not satisfied with the results as claimed by the manufacturer. Always buy original GenF20 Plus from its official site. There are a lot of GenF20 Plus reviews for men as well on the Internet that help you to make a better decision as to whether this product will be useful for you or not. Available in different packages and monthly supplies, you can avail great discounts and deals if you purchase the product from the official manufacturer site.

#2 HyperGH 14X (Read Detailed Review)

Hypergh 14x

With a large number of natural ingredients present in this supplement, HyperGH 14X becomes one of the top HGH releasers out there that offers amazing benefits to men. L Tyrosine, L Lysine, L Arginine, L Glycine, Colostrum, Deer Antler Velvet, Astragalus Root Extract etc are some of the main ingredients present in this HGH supplement. With a great money back guarantee, the benefits that men can enjoy include stronger bones, healthier metabolism, faster recovery from injuries, more strength during workouts, improved stamina, improved lean muscle mass and more. You can easily buy HyperGH 14X online from the manufacturer’s official website.

There are various promotional discounts available from time to time. With this HGH releaser, men can experience turbo charge in their overall energy and stamina. The easy to use system is also a reason why this product is much liked by bodybuilders, athletes and other users. Muscle growth is just phenomenon with this safe and natural HGH supplement accompanies with proper exercise and workout schedule.

#3 Sytropin ( Read Detailed Review)

This is a popular and effective HGH spray that has a lot of benefits associated when it comes to providing optimum health to men. With easy absorption system, the oral spray is liked by a lot of users due to its ease of use. With natural and safe ingredients in the spray, it becomes highly effective HGH releaser available in different packages and supplies.

Some amazing benefits that the men can enjoy with Sytropin include better sleep, enhance immunity, improved skin elasticity, healthier hair, better cardio workouts, increased stamina and libido etc. The ingredients that make this supplement a wonderful one include Alpha GPC, GABA, L Dopa Bean Extract, Moomiyo Extract, L Arginine etc. You can buy Sytropin from the manufacturer’s official site. This way, you can get original supplement at best rates and enjoy different plans available from time to time.


So, this was all about how HGH is useful for men. To have more details as to which product to go for, you can check HGH supplements reviews here. These unbiased reviews will let you know the good and the bad about each product.