My Real-Life HyperGH 14X Experience

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2014)

Usually when I hear about HGH products, they all seem to be just fake publicity to me. I am a professional bodybuilder and can tell you that the HGH supplements that most of the online service providers offer you are just useless and scams. If you are going to invest your money in these supplements there are high chances that you will be regretting your decision. Being a professional body builder it’s my need to use growth hormone supplements for stronger body and muscles and as there are numerous products in the market, in the very beginning I got stuck with a fake product.

Yes, it is true I was 24 when for the first time I used a HGH supplement. This supplement that I am talking about was advertised like next big thing in the market. There were banners all over, print promotions and online promotions like mad. There was nothing to think at that time as far as side effects were concerned as I was just looking forward to body building. This was something which got me under the fire. This is a personal piece of advice for you all that you should be utterly careful with while choosing any HGH or bodybuilding product. Falling for a wrong product can be harmful.

The supplement that I bought was supposed to provide boost to my body building results. However it went the other side and I faced no benefits at all by using the supplement; there were just side effects that I can now count. The product was not there with any amino acids or GABA. As an experienced user, I would like to share this advice with you all. If you are looking forward to buy any HGH supplement then make sure it is filled with amino acids and GABA compounds. These are the two core ingredients that make any HGH product really effective for the users. If you are going to miss on this point, you will regret it later on just like I do. Using the fake and ineffective HGH supplement gave me irregular body bumps, there was swelling in some body parts and my joints started to pain.

This was really a turn down experience for a body building enthusiast like me and there was no way I was expecting Hypergh 14xany benefits. So I dumped the supplement and concentrated on my gym only. After a while, I came to know about HyperGH 14X. The first reaction on my face about the product was “again a scam.” Soon however to my surprise I was proved wrong. This product changed my way of thinking about HGH supplements forever. Making wrong choice was my decision and I got into trouble because of it as well. But with HyperGH 14X I am glad that used it amidst of all my suspicions and doubts.

This supplement was referred to me by one of my gym trainers who said clearly, “there is no other HGH supplement that can give you benefits like HyperGH 14X.” The guy was pretty confident about what he said and insisted that I use this supplement. Speaking technically, HyperGH 14X is comprised of the best amino acids and GABA compounds that make it one of the best supplements among others. With hundreds of HGH supplements flooding the markets this product is the one that makes your bodybuilding journey much easier.

The benefits and features of HyperGH 14X

The first thing that impressed me about this supplement was its availability in oral pills and spray form. The supplement that I was using previously was not that much effective. It was also available in injection formulation and so I had to inject every time. It always drove me crazy to use injections but I was much more determined to have muscle growth, so just used it as it was. But HyperGH 14X gave me the option to use the product with any injecting process. One thing that every HGH supplement user should take care of is that these supplements are as safe as simply you use them. I have seen people using these supplements with injections and just ending up harming themselves than doing any good. If you are a first time user then use oral formulations only.

My first-hand experience

With the use of HyperGH 14X, my muscles stared coming in shape and there was a drastic change in their built as well. My body has better muscle cuts now and the fat around my belly reduced, giving place for abs. This superb HGH releaser has the capability to burn fat from the body and gives a lean, well-shaped body. There is no way I will not recommend you to make use of HyperGH 14X which is the best product that I have used in my life time. You believe it or not, within 3 month of using this supplement I got a body that I always craved for. I was more than just impressed with the outcome. Not only I, people around me also witnessed drastic change in my body shape and size which is what I always wanted.Hypergh 14x Before and After

Another important advantage that I noticed on using HyperGH 14X was that it gave me internal strength and energy as well. I was able to do extra sets of push ups and crunches without any kind of weakness or fatigue. This was all because of HyperGH 14X. It really boosted my body stamina and endurance as well as enhanced my cardiac performance and recovery time. I can now gym and exercise for long sessions and quickly recover from the stress and strain of the exercises. For a body builder, mental strength is equally important and this supplement helps you with it as well. You will feel energetic and lively using it for a regular period.

Altogether, HyperGH 14X was one choice that I am glad about I made. I was cheated by a fake product at first and know what all bad such products can offer.  So, learn from my experience and use the best supplement from the starting itself. Get HyperGH 14X and enjoy the myriad of benefits it has in store for you!

Richard G. Johnson