HGH Dosage- Understanding The Right Administration

(Last Updated On: March 12, 2014)

Dosage of HGH supplements is a major concern for most of the users. There are all sorts of HGH products available in the markets and it is really not easy to find which one of them is suitable. For those who are not aware of reliable HGH supplement brands, GenF20 Plus and HyperGH 14X are some of the known brands available. They offer oral pills as well as spray formulations for the users to make use of. You can thus use these supplements for enjoying the many health benefits offered by the natural HGH.

Another important concern for the HGH supplements users is the dosage that they should use. With so many HGH products being offered every now and then, it is difficult to follow a standard dosage for these supplements. If you are too thinking to use these supplements then we are going to detail the right administration of HGH supplements. This will help you to make use of these supplements without overdose problems.

HGH Administrationhgh-Dosage

Before understanding the administration of HGH supplements it is important to understand that they are used for various health benefits. Body building, anti aging and as a medication there are many uses of these products. Therefore it is necessary to decide the dosage based on the results intended.

It is important to note down that the dosage can only be prescribed by the practicing doctors. You should never try to make use of such supplements without proper medical consultation. Below is the common dosage of HGH that the users can take but it is always recommended to ask the right dosage from the doctor.

For general health and anti-aging

If you are using any formulation of HGH for general use or to enjoy the anti aging benefits then the prescribed dosage of 2 to 3 IU’s per day is advisable. However for ease of elder patients it is recommended to use a dosage of 1.5 to 2.0 IU’s.

*Note that dosages can be over the limit but only if supervised by a doctor.

For muscle building and lean mass

If your concern is body building and lean mass development then a dosage of 4 to 8 IU’s is important. However the most common dosage for such benefits is 4 to 5 IU’s which most people are known to respond very well.

This dosage can vary if you are using other supplements like IGF-1 or testosterone along with HGH supplements. Whatever your intended benefits may be, an important fact to keep in mind is to use as low dosage as possible at the start. This will help you to deal with some of the common side effects of using HGH like swelling, bloating and joint pain.

Generally you can start with 2 IU’s and then gradually move to take the dosage of 2.5 to 3 IU’s. Also you might want to consider the intake of prescribed dosage into split amount over the day.

Dosage plan

A common plan for using HGH supplements based on their dosage is:

  • Start with 2 IU’s of HGH from Weeks 1 to 4
  • In week 5 increase dosage to 2.5 IU’s
  • In week 6, use a total of 3.0 IU’s of HGH into two parts of 1.5 IU’s each
  • Finally in the 7th week, increase the dosage to 3.5 IU’s and take it in two parts of 1.75 IU’s each

Further your doctors will advice you about how to increase or maintain the dosage of your HGH supplementation.

If you start feeling the side effects severely and beyond the bearing power, then drop the dosage by 25%. See the effects and if the side effects faint away gradually, increase the dose to normal.