HGH For Broken Bones- How HGH Helps Heal Such Condition

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2017)

The human body consists of many internal parts which is not essentially all blood and bones. Well, technically they are but there are other tissues and ligaments like cartilage which play an important role in the overall body buildup. Going by the number of research going on the effect of various hormones on the healing capacity of the body, it is not wrong to state that growth hormones are most vital hormones necessary for proper healing.

Bones are also considerably affected with the levels of growth hormones present in the body. In many medical studies it is found that proper levels of growth hormones help a lot in overall growth and development of bones. Here in this piece of writing we will bring you an insight related to the connection between HGH and healing of the broken bones.

The ConnectionHGH For Broken Bones

Bones are the skeletal functions which provide the much needed internal strength to the body. Like all other organs of the body, bones are also affected by the presence of growth hormones. As the name suggests these hormones lead to growth of the body. Scientifically speaking, growth hormones are important for the capability of the body to absorb calcium and other minerals which form bones. Not just for the production of bones but these hormones are also necessary to keep the bones dense with aging.

Human body is bound to age. With aging, however the pituitary gland present in the body losses its capability to produce growth hormones. This affects the level of growth hormones adversely thus leading to many side effects on the overall body buildup as well as bone density and health.

Bone fractures and HGH

A normal bone fracture is a common injury. The healing process can take time depending on the mode of medication used. The healing process takes place in 3 stages, the inflammatory phase, infiltration of inflammatory cells and finally the vascularization.

In the first phase, there is development of a hematoma after the vascular injury caused due to fracture. After the formation of hematoma then infiltration and fibroblasts attack the area of the injury. In the final stage there is vascularization of the injured bones which is the final stage of healing. Now that we have provided a glimpse of how the bone fractures healing process takes place, it is now time to tell the importance of HGH in the healing process.

First of all have you ever tried to question why bone fractures in children heal quickly as compared to fractures in adults? This is because of the levels of growth hormones which affects the process of osteoblasts which help in increasing the density of bones.

HGH or human growth hormones are polypeptides which are not soluble in fat. This is why these hormones are able to pass through sarcolemma and this leads to induction of some properties of these hormones to the target cells which are cartilage. As a result there is establishment of a second messenger mechanism due to which there is stimulation of division and multiplication of chondrocytes which helps in bone production. Also HGH boosts the production of insulin like growth factor, IGF-1 which also enhances chondrocyte activity and osteoblast which also promotes bone development.

Best HGH Supplements for Broken Bones

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So the HGH Supplements do help in recovery after fractures but its don’t directly heal your fracture. It helps in recovery from the broken bones & makes it strong.