What is The Effects Of Alcohol On HGH Treatment

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2017)

Many people have been wondering about the effects of alcohol while taking HGH. Alcohol cannot be consumed with many treatment medications and so HGH is one of them. HGH or human growth hormone is used by sports personalities and bodybuilders and has become a popular anti aging and muscle building supplement. However, taking alcohol and at the same time using HGH can prove to be really dangerous for your health.

Should I take alcohol with HGH?Effects Of Alcohol On HGH Treatment

It is advisable that you do not take HGH treatment while drinking alcohol. In other words, alcohol in any form or quantity blunts HGH production and suppresses the natural release. Indeed, an ounce or less alcohol consumption 2-3 hours before consuming the HGH supplement will have less effect on the release of growth hormone but taking alcohol for sleep can suppress your natural production of HGH by a considerable amount.

Hormonal imbalance

Also, alcohol leads to hormonal imbalance and when alcohol is there in the body, it stimulates production of some substance in the liver that is very toxic to testosterone. Well, testosterone is important for recovery as well as growth of your muscles. As alcohol is basically absorbed through the small intestine and stomach and into the cells, it can badly disrupt the overall water balance in the muscle cells and thus change their ability of producing the ATP or adenosine triphosphate. ATP is basically the source of energy for the muscles. ATP also provides fuel required for the muscles. So irrespective of how much growth hormone you use, you will not get good results if you keep on taking alcohol with HGH.

Sleep and less HGH release

Alcohol indeed in any quantity reduces HGH releasing effects of amino acids and even blunts the natural HGH release. Using alcohol to get sleep can suppress the natural HGH production to a great extent. It is to be noted that we develop our muscles while we are asleep and HGH is mainly released from anterior pituitary gland during the sleep. So, anything that comes in between the sleep certainly meddles with HGH release as well. In particular, alcohol interrupts the sleep pattern and due to this, it also prevents GH release from the anterior pituitary gland.

Moreover, as alcohol puts the body through ringer to a level and even prevents one from sleeping peacefully, this simply means that you will not have the energy levels that you should otherwise have. Also, you will see that you will be barely able to stay awake, let alone doing the workout.

Muscle development

The most common thing that a lot of people wish these days is to get out, have some alcohol and just relax. But, what about the muscles you are looking forward to build? You have been working hard and training all through the week and have been following proper diet. As protein synthesis is very important for muscle development and growth, this process is hampered to a large extent with the use of alcohol. Well, even the scientific research has seen that drinking alcohol inhibits protein synthesis and so, alcohol adversely stops the muscles from growing and developing.

So, these are some of the major effects of alcohol on the body. It is recommended that you do not take alcohol with HGH therapy.