How Dangerous Can HGH Get? Is There A Limit? What Alternatives Are There?

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)

Human growth hormone or HGH as commonly known is a very important amino acid based hormone that controls the growth and development of our body. Unfortunately as we age there is a steep decline in the secretion of this growth hormone by the pituitary gland causing a deficit. HGH supplements are available in mainly three forms-oral pills, sprays and injections.

While the oral HGH supplements are the safest to use, use of injections is known to cause some serious side effects. HGH injections contain synthetic growth hormone that is directly introduced into the blood stream which causes problem with biological working of the body resulting in some serious side effects. Before we jump to the dangers of HGH let’s get to know its benefits first.

HGH benefits go beyond the physical needs of the body and improve mental as well as emotional wellbeing. The growth hormone is needed to build muscle and bone cells; it enhances the division and multiplication of these cells. It results in mineralization of bones and muscle mass increase through sarcomere hyperplasia. By improving the hormone levels, it calms the brain and boosts emotional health.

Danger of HGH Supplements

Like any other supplements, abusive or addictive use of HGH supplements can result in severe side effects. Synthetic HGH injections also contain anabolic steroids that can negatively impact body growth and development. It is the presence of steroids in injections that causes the serious side effects. These steroids are not easily absorbed by the body. As a result they can remain for too long in the blood or organs thereby turning into toxic after sometime. The side effects that can result are severe ranging from balding to nausea to excessive paranoia.

hgh danger


Not only men but women can also be adversely affected from use of synthetic HGH or when not used as directed. In women steroids can result in excessive facial hair growth and deepening of voice. Irregularities in menstrual cycle and enlargement of clitoris can also result in some women.

One of the biggest risks of HGH injections is their unregulated effect that they can have on excessive production of IGF1 concentrations and this may result in many side effects like diabetes, muscle pain, arthritis and carpal tunnel like symptoms, swelling in legs and arms, bloating, arteries getting hard, abnormal bones and organs growth, high blood pressure etc. For all these issues and a lot more, HGH injections should be taken prudently and with consultation from a qualified medical professional who has much experience in treating such a kind of hormonal deficiency.

Other problems with synthetic HGH

Also, synthetic HGH can render the natural growth hormone production cycle ineffective. This can result in end of natural growth hormone production as the needed GH is provided in injection form. There can also be excess of growth hormone that can result in conditions like acromegaly, which results in overgrowth of bones and muscles and heart enlargement which is irreversible.

It has also been observed that in our search for being healthy, we often get tempted to circumvent natural checks and thus balance the body to maintain good health. This is mainly true when it comes to hormonal problems. But fortunately, there are various methods that one can use to naturally use the internal mechanism of the body to maximize its ability to produce HGH.HGH side effectsFurther, improper use of syringe can slash your artery and be fatally dangerous to your heath, create blood clot or even hit some nerve and lead to permanent paralysis. Even addiction to HGH injections or abusive use can result in carpal tunnel syndrome, very high levels of blood sugar, heart failure and gigantism.

Go for natural HGH supplements

So, with all these dangers of abusively using HGH injections, it is better to opt for some homeopathic or natural HGH releasers that do not have any synthetic or harmful ingredients in it and they just help in triggering the pituitary gland to secrete HGH on its own. With such natural HGH supplements, you can be certain of not harming your body or overall health.

Before plunging into buying such HGH for sale supplements, it is always a good option to ask for the same from your medical practitioner and he or she will be able to tell you the best HGH releaser as per your medical condition. The sprays and pills available are safe to use but always be sure of which one you use and whether they are naturally made or not. There are various releasers out there that have all safe and natural ingredients in them. Such products are the best to use as they do not do any harm to your wellbeing. Some of the natural HGH supplements worth giving a try include GenF20 Plus, Sytropin, HyperGH 14X etc. Still, we would say that before you try any product, it is better to read customer reviews and feedback and then make a choice.

There are many products as well that offer money back guarantee and so you can try them for a few months and check for yourself if you experience any benefits or not. Moreover, buying the authentic product from original manufacturer site is the best option as it slashes out the possibility of getting any fake product at a high price.

Make the right decision

So, it is basically into your hands as to how you use the HGH therapy for your health. Using the injections is a complete no-no. Still, you can consult your doctor for the same and discuss your condition. Under any circumstance, it is advisable that you never overdose yourself, get addicted to HGH use or use it abusively. All these situations can take a toll on your health and provide a very negative impact. Always use natural, safe and homeopathic HGH to enjoy the benefits that comes along with such natural releasers.

Last but not least, proper level of HGH is very important for your health and wellbeing. At the same time the question is whether you choose to improve your HGH level naturally or taking the wrong way. This is what will make the actual difference in how you get benefitted from your HGH therapy.