HGH- The Good And The Bad

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2014)

There are many ways to get a healthier as well as muscular body. You can try vegetarian diet or yoga and meditation to get a healthy body. Unfortunately all these techniques are for those people who have the inner patience to wait for a healthier body development gradually over the years. The generation in which we live in, there is severe scarcity of time with everyone. We all want immediate results; even some of us want to go all skinny overnight (for them it’s all a fantasy!). Owing to this hasting nature we make use of body building, dietary and other health supplements. Common of these supplements are the HGH based products which are now ruling the supplements and dietary product markets.

Human Growth Hormone

HGH or Human growth hormone is formulated from amino acids and GABA or Gamma Aminobutyric Acid along with some natural extracts like Ginkgo Biloba, Ziziphi Spinosae, Artemesia and Motherwort. All these ingredients are highly efficient pituitary gland stimulators. With aging of the body the pituitary gland which is responsible for the production of growth hormones in the body gets dormant. As a result our growth hormone levels start falling drastically after mid 20s. Making use of the best HGH supplements the dormant pituitary cells can be reactivated which increases the production of natural growth hormone in the body.

All said till now is about the working mechanism of HGH supplements but you should take care of the fact that there are both good and bad aspects of these supplements. Let’s cover each of them one by one.

The Good part about HGH

HGH supplements are beneficial in a number of ways. The amino acids present in these supplements highly alleviate the production of proteins in the body. GABA compounds help in making the brain sharper and avoid stress and depression. Enhanced cell reproduction is also a benefit of making use of these supplements. In all, there are following major benefits of HGH:

  • Increases muscles and leaner body massGood versus bad
  • Makes bones denser and strong
  • Increases body endurance and stamina
  • Provides anti aging benefits making skin younger
  • Improves cardiac output of the heart
  • Benefits kidneys, liver and blood pressure
  • Enhances body libido and sexual health
  • Helps in fighting diseases like Turner’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s and GH deficiency

The bad of HGH

HGH supplements make changes in the biological cycle of the overall body. This can also be harmful in some cases like for patients with heart or liver disease. The walls of both these organs are rich in HGH receptors which sometimes lead to their overgrowth, resulting in liver damage or over development of the heart. The major side effects of HGH supplements include:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome causing numbness and weakness in nerves of hands
  • Enlargement of heart
  • Permanent liver damage
  • Over aging problems leading to premature deaths
  • Increased levels of insulin in the body
  • Excessive water retention leading to Edema

The side effects of these supplements can however be easily avoided making their use under proper supervision. You should always use these supplements after proper consultation with the medical professionals.