HGH- Performance Enhancer Or Healer?

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2014)

There has been enough speculation about HGH supplements being performance enhancers. This is why their use is banned in various sports and athletics. The use of HGH supplements is made on a large scale as per the findings by sports personnel and gym goers actively. Still the doubt remains if HGH supplements are actually beneficial as enhancers or healers. Here in this discussion we are going to have a close look at this issue.

Human Growth Hormone and Body

The presence of HGH in appropriate quantity is a necessity for overall development of the body. There are so many people who are using these supplements for proper body growth and development. Growth hormones are produced by the pituitary gland and with aging this gland becomes dormant and losses its efficiency to release growth hormones. HGH supplements help in stimulation of the pituitary gland and as a result increases the production of such hormones in the body.

As far as athletic performance is concerned, HGH supplements do benefit muscles and tissue development. This helps in making them stronger and more enduring. Especially in sports like sprinting where muscles have to go through extreme stress these supplements can be advantageous. Increased growth hormones level also benefits heart and increases the cardiac output. As a result endurance and stamina of the users is enhanced- all these factors contribute to enhance the performance.



When it comes to healing, the use of best HGH supplements is controversial. According to Dr. Rick Delamarter, a spine surgeon based in Los Angeles and also UCLA professor says, “I’ve seen a whole spectrum from professional athletes in all sports, down to college and even high school players that have been on growth hormone. I have seen the benefits of growth hormone post-operatively in recovering from surgery.”

There are many medical professionals who believe that the use of real HGH in rehabilitation of injuries and surgeries is beneficial. According to Delamarter, “If the science proves that it’s efficacious and safe in the post-operative recovery period,” he added, “then I think it becomes a standard of care for sports medicine and surgeons.”

Medical researchers have found that there is one important healing effect of HGH and that is on the body cells. This is why there is an outrageous use of HGH supplements in anti aging medicine and cosmetic fields. All the anti aging therapies and medications are based on HGH.

The Conclusion

The use of safe HGH supplements as performance enhancer is possible and there are many therapies based on it. However you need to understand that there are side effects and negative impacts of using these supplements as well if you do not take them as directed. According to ESPN Research Department, “If a body has too much HGH, a condition can result called acromegaly, a disease that causes the hands to become spade-like in appearance as they get bigger. Growth of the facial bones causes the face to change shape, too.” They also warn against the advanced stage problems which can be life threatening. They quoted, “Organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys also undergo excessive growth, leading to potentially life-threatening problems.

Therefore use of HGH as performance enhancer or healer is not that clear and thus one should take proper precautions and consultation before using the same.