HGH vs. Steroids: Which Is Better? A Detailed Analysis

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2014)

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is the natural hormone that is found in the body and is useful for overall development and growth of the human body. Though a number of people take steroids and HGH to be the same mistakenly, you need to know that both of these are different, with just a similarity being that steroids and HGH are both the growth hormones.

What is HGH?

HGH is basically a natural growth hormone which is the 191 amino acid protein based peptide hormone that is produced in anterior pituitary gland of the brain and is there for cell regeneration and development. This hormone actually determines your bone density, aging process, height, skin type and body’s capacity to repair.

What are steroids?

On the other hand, steroids can be defined in not a single term and include corticosteroids and anabolic steroids both. Also, both of them have different function and origin. While the corticosteroids have the ability to remove inflammation and swelling, the anabolic steroids have the capacity to synthesize proteins, boost physical energy, build up stamina and improve the endurance levels.

The anabolic steroids when used can help to build muscles, improve appearance and enhance the performance of the user. The effect of these steroids helps the body to retain the protein level which is necessary for bone, skin and muscle development. It is good to note that the effects of such steroids are tempting but offer harmful effects as well.

HGH vs. SteroidsHGH vs Steroid

Comparing steroids with HGH, while steroids have side effects, the HGH is there with almost no harmful ill effect. When used as a releaser or natural supplement, human growth hormone is also easily absorbed. HGH products are even cheaper than steroids and unlike the latter, the HGH products are not addictive in nature. Therefore, with HGH supplements, you do not face problems of withdrawal symptoms and other problems. Besides muscle building, HGH is also known to be useful in reversing the aging process, increasing stamina and strength.

Steroids have to be injected while there are oral formulations of HGH available that help in easy and safe absorption of the ingredients. This way, HGH supplements are much safer and easier to use than the steroids.

The anabolic steroids on the other hand are abused generally by athletes that result in irreversible ill effects. The androgenic steroids may even trigger less sperm count, shrinking or swelling of the testicles and impotency in males. In case of women, these steroids offer side effects like voice deepening, more facial hair, irregularity in menstrual process etc. more weight, acne, bloating, heart attack, rest issues, weak tendons and others are also the unwanted effects of steroids that are faced by both genders.

Comparing steroids and HGH, we sum up as:

  • While some steroids can be utilized for treating medical ailments, HGH is not basically for medical functions much.
  • Steroids can lead to irreversible and unwanted effects whereas HGH offers little or no ill effects at all.
  • Steroids are addictive in nature but HGH is not the same and can be abused in some cases.
  • HGH is absorbed easily in the body while steroids are not absorbed that easily.

Which Is Better- HGH or Steroids?

Asking as to which is better of the two is a difficult one. Obviously both steroids and HGH have their own set of benefits and ill effects. While use of steroids causes the body to actually stop the production of testosterone and more production of oestrogen, it leads to hair loss, acne, heart problems and others. On the other hand, HGH can cause some body parts to grow even beyond the healthy levels. But to be precise, we can say that HGH releasers and supplements are safer than steroids as they encourage the natural secretion of the growth hormones.

This is the reason why the natural HGH releasers and products have received great attention from the customers and medical professionals. And that too with great influence of these hormones on overall muscle development, aging, there are almost no harmful or permanent side effects of HGH that the nasty steroids generally have.

So, now as you get a clear answer as to which is better- HGH or steroids, it is better that you find the best HGH supplements for your health. We have shared the best 3 HGH supplements for bodybuilding in our previous posts. Have a look here. Getting informed with us, you will be able to buy the best HGH releaser without facing any ill effects.